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We make it FUN and EASY to make a BIG splash online

If your the founder of and interesting Startup, or your a professional that helps startups succeed. Even if you just have something to share that will help people make their dream of owning their own business come true.

Please reach out to us, we would love to hear from you.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Watching StartupV is always FREE. Appearing on one of our shows, if it is your first time, is always FREE. We cover all production, editing, hosting and marketing costs for your material free. If you absolutely love the experience, and want to some back, most additional appearances are also free, but conditions apply.

How do you make money if its all free?

Let’s start by saying this is a not-for-profit project, wholly owned and funded by the CEO. We are dedicated to donating at least 50% of all production time free to startups and generating great original material to help them. With the remaining production time we create and air our own original TV shows. All sorts of people want their own show on StartupV and depending on the pitch, what they bring to the show and the production costs, we setup charge them to bring it to life. These can be fast rising companies that sell to our target audience, high profile individuals just wanting to make a big impact into the startup community, or someone that just wants to stand out as a leading voice in their sector. In addition our high “stickiness” and repeat viewing habits of our audience means its perfect for sponsors seeking to expose their brand alongside some great original content. Far from the usual in discriminant or automated advertising placement, we focus on brand placement with specific show formats to maximise repeated exposure at a FIXED cost.

Who is your audience?

Our primary audience is 25-35 professionals looking to move form a career in business into owning their own business. We do attract a significant number of aspiring young entrepreneurs from 16-25 as well as a number of professionals and consulting specialists in the Startup Sector as well as Investors from Angels to Venture Capital investment funds.

What channel is it?

Unlike broadcast stations we are an on-demand service, think Netflix not BBC HD, and that has some HUGE advantages for both our viewers as well as sponsors. You can find us online via any web enables TV as well as PC, Xbox, tables phones etc. But the biggest advantage is if your airing a show with us you get a CUMULATIVE not iterative exposure to our viewer base. This approach means accumulation your “viewers” just one “aired episode” from thousands into millions over time.
On demand viewing has grown over 8000% in the past 5 years and this shows no sighs of slowing. Our target market prefers an on demand style consumption and we are seeing extraordinary audience growth as a result.

What is your audience reach?

While we cannot share our exact numbers, and use a number of sites as well as a spread of social and video channels to engage our audience and baffle our competitors. We can share that we became the largest (by traffic) website in our sector in the UK within 3 months, and are on track to be No1 globally by Dec 2017. Within our first 3 months of going live we already get more “viewers” per month than 235 free to air UK broadcast stations, based on statistics from UK Broadcasters Audience Research Board March 2017.

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