We know one of the biggest challenges Startups face is REACH. Getting noticed, by investors, channel partners, suppliers, and most importantly potential customers.
drive SALES
Sell or die! At some point your going to need sales, lots of them. thats the point of being in business right? Sales starts with people understanding what you do, the value you offer. It starts with a pitch.
realworld VALIDATION
You think you have a great idea, the next billion dollar idea (but enough to pay the bills is OK too). But to really go for it, both for you, and any potential investors real world validation, feedback in other words, is essential.
TARGET marketing
So your idea is GREAT.. (lets assume so anyway) To save bundles of cash and grow FAST you need really super duper tight target marketing. Pitchbattle helps you nail down EXACTLY who digs your idea, and why.
The only thing investors like better than "discovering" a brand new business like yours with a great idea. And thats a product or service like yours that LOADS of potential customers have liked (its called social proof). Pitchbattle is the place to do both.
We love startups, and know that you need all the help you can get. Uploading your idea to PitchBattle puts you not only in the running to win free stuff from StartupV but on the radar to our sponsors. We regularly send free stuff, advice and more to our startups, but you have to be IN IT - TO WIN IT as they say.


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